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tv   Sanjay Gupta MD  CNN  July 23, 2011 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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i'm dr. sanjay gupta. i have a lot to talk about. football and head injuries. a remarkable story about cocaine. when it first arrived on the world scene, the first supporter was a young dr. freud. we start with cuts in washington. behind the numbers, there are real people. including one little boy who stole your heart in the super bowl commercial. next week, capitol hill is going to feel the force.
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>> dr. gupta? >> you're it. >> i'm it? max page knows one stage. full steam ahead. you probably have seen max before. remember this volkswagon ad from super bowl xlv? darth vader? no. just max. within mere seconds of meeting him, max was asking about my daughters. >> three girls. >> let me guess. 4-year-old. 2-year-old. >> yes. >> how did you know? we are at the children's hospital in los angeles with his brother and max to see dr. michael silka. >> get your pacemaker checked? >> that is right. max has a pacemaker. it is his third. for parents jennifer and buck, the first sign of trouble came before max was even born.
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>> my 38 week appointment, we found out max has damage to his heart. they could not get a good heart beat. they took him in an emergency c-section. >> the last feeling i remember is it is hopeless necessary. it is out of my hands as a dad. as a dad, that is not something you are used to. >> i just said please just save my son. that is all we are here for. i don't know what you said. i don't understand what you will do. i need you to save my son. i need a chance to know this kid. >> it is hard to imagine, but for mom and dad, it was all a blur. max was born with a heart condition which is rare. it includes four separate problems in the heart and leads to a lack of oxygen in the blood. without a pacemaker and eight surgeries so far, max would not be here. >> if you touch it or it gets hit, that is when i feel it. >> it is like the movie "cars."
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you want the parts moving together. you don't want one going like this and another at a different rate. you want them working together. >> something like this for max or any child like max, should be careful. >> this is a fairly sophisticated and fairly specialized medicine. i'm a pediatric doctor. there are slightly over 100 of us in the country. there are not many people that do what we do. >> it is that kind of skill that brought jennifer and buck to the children's hospital. there are just 56 in the whole country. dr. robert adler is the chief of surgery for children's hospital. >> you say there are 56 in the country? >> we represent 1% of all hospitals in the united states.
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we are training 40% of the pediatricians and specialists that take care of the kids. >> kids like max who need specialized care from doctors trained through children's hospital medical education program which is currently on the chopping block because of the talks in washington. >> we hear kids don't make it long enough for the research to be done. my answer to that is there is one. his name is max and he is mine. we will do whatever. >> fortunately, the pages are privately i privately insured. >> our insurance is more than the mortgage and car payment. it is a tremendous stretch. that is the level of care that max requires. >> in the face of massive budget bro crunches across the country, that care may be at risk. >> there are 30 million people covered by medicaid. it is the most common insurance for children.
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we see a lot of parents who have lost their job recently or having a hard time finding a job who come to us with medicaid insurance. it is critical to provide that for the children. >> 30 million? >> 30 million. >> on behalf of all of those kids, max is headed to the nation's capital to put his force behind the children's hospitals. >> max's heart was the size of a walnut when he was getting an operation. we were seeking a surgeon that knew a walnut. you cannot take an expertise and use that on something small. >> do you think that is a reflection of what he has been through? >> absolutely. i say a lot of his acting and hollywood success is because he was trained here. there is organized chaos and barking out orders and this little thing looking up.
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>> what happens when you put on the helmet? >> i get the force. i'm kidding. >> do you feel different when you put the helmet on? >> yes. >> how do you feel? >> i feel like happy and cool. >> you have the helmet anywhere around here? right there. >> that's right. >> max is our home entertainment since we could not go out and do the typical mommy and me play dates. the doctor said he can go around and be around other children. >> i hate my life right now. >> we got him involved in little broadway program. >> you were 3 years old? >> yes. it was for 4 to 8-year-olds, but they let me in because i was so talented. >> and modest. do you know what i mean by that? >> i have no idea what modest means. >> which might come in handy when he goes to battle the dark
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side in washington. >> i have to go. it is nice meeting you. >> nice to meet you, too, max. i want to visit you again. >> i want to tell you one thing. can you bring your daughters over here? >> i knew you were going to ask that. i will bring my daughters. thanks. >> we don't do that in this world. we do this. >> how could you resist this kid? he is crazy cute. he is headed to washington on monday morning. you can see more of him next weekend. you will see what he accomplishes with lawmakers and the scene he made as he stormed capitol hill in the darth vader costume. up next, are you counting calories? wait until you hear how much you are eating. stay with us. [ female announcer ] now you can apply sunblock
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win one of the hardest parts of staying healthy is the calories. pouring this into a bowl, that is 110 calories. when you go out to eat, they will do the math for you. the problem is the research out there is the numbers are not always accurate. lauren urban is a researcher at tufts universities. she grinds up meals to see how many calories there are. she found one in five restaurant dishes has 100 more calories than the restaurants claim. the findings were published in the journal of american medicine. >> one food had more than 1,000 calories. it was shocking. >> the national restaurant association points out on average the calorie counts will be accurate. here is the issue. many of the hidden calories were
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found in dishes that were hand prepared and made from scratch. 100 extra calories a day is 10 to 15 extra pounds a year. san francisco is the first city to pass a law to require radiation levels to be disclosed on cell phones. the cell phone industry is challenging that law in court. up to 70 former football players are suing the league and the helmet riddel for long term brain damage. i have seen the research firsthand at boston university where researchers have found surprising signs of damage in athletes who donated their brains before they died. repeated blows can lead to depression and long-term damage. when asked about the new lawsuit, a spokesman for the nfl
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will contest any claims of this kind. riddel cannot comment on any pending litigation. some good news about a young man who suffered a traumatic brain injury. he was a comedian named will carter. thanks to technology and laughs, will is back in the spotlight once again. take a look. >> will carter always loved making people laugh. when he was a child, he dreamed of becoming a comedian. if you asked him at 17, he would have said his biggest hurdle was fear of failure. that changed a horrific car accident. >> they had to remove part of the brain flap. >> he lost his spleen. >> he was in a coma for three weeks. i was driving home one night. i thought, my son has a brain
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injury. does he have a future? >> will, do you need somebody to pick you up tonight? >> robert can give me a ride. >> after years of physical therapy, will did recover. he lost a lot of his independence. he could not drive. he had to depend on his parents to give him rides. he relied on his friends. he had to put his dreams on hold. >> i love doing comedy. there is no energy in this world like being on stage. >> will did not give up. he was determined with the device of an electronic driving coach. it helps cue will so he doesn't get distracted. >> do it best when you plan ahead. >> the driving instructor and will has learned to drive again. >> i tend to be a day dreamer. i get distracted by my thoughts. that is why it is great to have michelle in the car cueing me. when she is not cueing me, i have the device.
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>> it has taken over a year of practice, but today he is driving alone with just the device at his side. >> it is really awesome to have that independence. for me to be able to have control of my life. to feel like an adult. >> and he is back on stage. performing stand up comedy and applying to graduate school to share with others the joy of laugh. >> i think i know where all of the forest fires are coming from. coming up, something else that was surprising to me. a doctor, a medical detective, has peeled back the case of dr. freud and his enthusiasm for cocaine. an old story with a modern twist. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one!
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long before drug cartels and crack and tv shows about addition, cocaine was introduced to the world in a different light. it was a wonder drug and a cure all and praised by some of the greatest minds in medical history. like sigmund freud. my former professor of mine tells a story in a new book. it is called "an anatomy of addiction." 1884, vienna. a struggling young doctor, sigmund freud wrote to his girlfriend, about cocaine. >> you will see a girl who doesn't eat enough or about a man who doesn't have enough cocaine in his body. a small dose lifted me to the heights of a wonderful fashion. >> historian howard markell says
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freud first learned of cocaine in medical journals. >> it was published by a drug company called park davis. it happened to be the major manufacturer of cocaine. >> cocaine comes from leaves of the cocoa plant. by the 1880s, big companies, what we called big pharma, were calling it big dos. by then, the secret was out. >> it was the miracle drug. if you had a stomach ache or you needed interest. if you had tuberculosis or asthma. if you had all sorts of things,
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it was going to cure what you had. this was how it was advertised. >> for the park davis company, cocaine was a blockbuster. others sold it, too. one popular product was vi vin mariani. endorsed by thomas edison, queen victoria. french bordeau with six ounces of cocaine in every bottle. then a copy cat wine. >> the great mother of invention. he took cola nuts and syrup and made the refreshing drink we call coca-cola. >> he wrote in an 1895 letter. >> i need a lot of cocaine. >> he finally stopped using it after he and a friend of his used cocaine on a patient and nearly killed her. >> by then, other doctors
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worried, too. >> too many people were taking too much cocaine and they were presenting as addicts who needed the stuff. they could not live without it. that is when doctors began to say, huh, we better rethink this. >> by 1923, cocaine was not in coca-cola. >> by 1920s and 1930s, the cole porter song, "i get no kicks from champagne." one sniff bores me terrifically. ♪ i'm sure that if ♪ one sniff ♪ that would hold me ♪ to riff >> you saw it as well in charlie chaplin's modern times. he is in jail and he accidentally takes cocaine that he thinks is salt.
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because another jail bird puts his cocaine in a salt shaker. he is doing all sorts of wonderfully wacky things. you saw cocaine mentioned in movies and songs and stories all the time. well into the 1930s in this country and elsewhere. >> that had a lull. it did not come back into the '70s or '80s when cocaine was a glamour drug. >> the sound track was eric clapton. >> it was the drug that all of the rock stars used. it was fairly consumed at studio 54. it was part of the popular zeigtgeist. it was a clean and pure and could be abused safely.
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>> just like a century before, it was a mirage. the new image was more like "scarface." what would freud think about "scarface?" >> i imagine he would be shocked. >> then crack and crime and rampant addiction. today, we know addiction is a physical disease. we understand more. >> i would hope that more people are skeptical of grandise claims of new drugs. we all, in our heart of hearts, want a magic bullet that will cure what ails us. >> a magic bullet. the hope that keeps miracle drugs in business. it is so striking the same miss conceptions and mistakes 100 years apart. here is something healthy. i crossed the finish line.
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six of our viewers and i will be standing at the hudson river and jump in. it will be my second time. for our six-pack it will end a huge change from the sedentary lives they used to lead. joining me from kansas city is one of those soon to me tri-athletes. we've been at this for some time. let me ask you, how has the training been going for you? >> been going good. it's hot here in the midwest but i'm definitely getting everything done. i can't wait for the new york city triatholon.
7:59 am
>> the heat wave is something that everybody has talked about. what have you done specifically to get your workouts in? >> as much as i hate it i've been waking up early before the sunrises and getting out there before the sun is out and the humidity starts. >> those early wake up calls is not easy but important. you told us you came from a meat and potatoes family and never learned how to keep yourself in shape. what have you learned? how has that changed for you. >> it's been 180 degree turn around. i've learned to eat smaller meals throughout the day to stave from that


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